Acquisition of Federal-titled Equipment

Federal equipment to be added to PSAM must meet the University minimum capitalization threshold and useful life criteria.

Government-furnished Equipment

The Principal Investigator is responsible for reporting equipment furnished by the Government by completing the “Asset Information”, “Custodian or Location”, and “Federal Condition Code” boxes of the Statement of Government-Owned Equipment Status and sending it, along with a copy of the federal shipping document or letter describing the equipment, to CAM. Note: this does not preclude or replace Principal Investigator reporting requirements to Grant Accounting.

Equipment Purchased with Government Funds to be Federal-titled

Grant Accounting will notify CAM of awards of federal grants and contracts for which equipment purchases are to be federal-titled. Additionally, the Principal Investigator should request that the Initiator include the award number and federal-titled status in the “Internal Comments” section of the P-req, so that CAM can record the asset’s title appropriately.