Policies and Procedures

Tagging of Federal-titled Equipment

For all Government-owned equipment, CAM and the equipment’s Custodian are responsible for following the same process for assigning and placing bar code tags as is used for University-owned equipment.

Along with the University bar code tag, CAM will send the equipment’s Custodian an additional tag denoting government ownership. The Custodian applies this tag near the bar code tag or as outlined by the Federal Agency instructions.

For Federal-furnished equipment, CAM will send the equipment’s Custodian a vinyl tag with the designation “GFE0” to be affixed directly to the left of the University bar code tag. CAM is responsible for updating the tag number in PSAM to reflect both the GFE0 designation and the University bar code number (i.e. GFE0######).

Special treatment of Government-owned equipment may be required to fulfill specific requirements of the Federal Agency grant or award. Normally, these “Government Tags” are furnished directly to the Principal Investigator, who is responsible for placing the tag on the equipment and notifying CAM. CAM is responsible for entering the tag information on PSAM’s federal pages.