Equipment ID (Tagging)

Movable equipment is identified by a metal tag having the following information: name of the institution, a visibly readable six-digit inventory number, and a bar-coded version of the six-digit inventory number.

The University tag helps to identify and track assets owned by the University. Some assets, however, cannot carry a tag. These assets are identified in the asset management system by a sequential number following one of these tag number prefixes:

  • “ART” and “HART” – art objects
  • “SOFT” – nontaggable software
  • “P” - nontaggable UIHC project assets
  • “BLANK” - other equipment, such as fragile instruments, that cannot bear a metal bar code tag

A bar code tag should remain attached to an asset while it is owned by the University. Please contact Capital Assets Management if a replacement tag is required.


Tags for purchase orders of large numbers of assets that are delivered to a central receiving site prior to dispersing the assets to departments may be obtained by contacting Capital Assets Management and providing the associated Purchase Order number and “send-to” information.