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The Capital Assets Management Office is located on the 6th floor of the Jefferson Building.

Staff Listing

Selina Martin, Associate Controller
(319) 335-0728
  • Management of overall strategic direction of the department and its role in serving campus efficiently and effectively
  • Policy development and enhancement of internal control
  • Compliance with all levels of federal, state and University regulations
  • Compliance with Governmental Accounting Standards Board statements
  • Enhancement of financial reporting
  • External and internal audit liaison
  • Development of educational programs
LeAnn Meeks, Assistant Director
(319) 335-0103
  • Coordinate state, federal, and special audit requests.
  • Accounting entries for capitalization of land purchases, land improvements, infrastructure, and buildings
  • Capital leases
  • General ledger reconciliations
  • Financial reporting issues for capital assets and depreciation
Jana Andrews, Senior Accountant
(319) 335-0119
  • Changes to assets after set-up (not from forms)
  • Coordinate posting of equipment trade-ins
  • Create ad hoc queries for assets
  • Asset management system upgrades and maintenance
Deb Borcherding, Accountant (For Tagging Questions)
(319) 384-3436
  • Post Change Vouchers (CVs) to general ledger for equipment
  • Capital equipment tag card and tagging questions
Pamela Reed, Clerk IV (For Asset Setup)
(319) 353-2479
  • Initial assignment of asset descriptions, profiles, location, custodian, serial and model numbers, etc.
  • Assignment of tags prior to voucher receipt (tag aheads)
  • Web site maintenance
Charma Wenck, Clerk IV (For Inventory Questions)
(319) 335-0118
  • Physical inventory (biennial and federal) audits and questions.
  • CAM forms
  • Request to change Custodian, location, or sub-department (within a Department)
  • Requests for departmental equipment reports