FY21 INVENTORY SCHEDULE - UIHC and College of Medicine 

Departmental inventory includes any asset that doesn’t hold an attached tag (Blank tags or Software) and those assets that are deemed as off campus.  This inventory is due to CAM office December 4th.  Inventory files are sent to the inventory contact listed on the institutional roles under Capital Assets, as well as the department administrator.

The tagged asset inventory is completed by HCA Asset Management.  This company has been hired to complete our fixed asset inventories for over 10 years and they are very familiar with the inventory areas and equipment.  They will be starting their part of the inventory January 11, 2021, and should be on campus for 6 weeks.   UIHC inpatient areas inventory was pushed back and will start March 1 and HCA should be on site for three weeks.  Email us at if you have any questions or concerns. 

DATA WAREHOUSE REPORTS - Reports are back with a different look and more comprehensive information.  Check it out at  If you need more detailed information, please send an email to or contact LeAnn at 319-335-0103

LEASES - We are beginning the process of identifying leases for the new GASB 87 standard which will start in FY22.  Please let us know of any leases you have.

► TAGS - All equipment tags that were being held due to COVID restrictions have now been sent to departments.  Please be sure to fill out and return the tag sheet that came with the tag, and affix the tag to the corresponding equipment.  Extensive follow-up will now begin to ensure tags have been affixed to assets.

► Capital Assets Management Classes -  This course will provide participants with an overview of Capital Assets Management policies and procedures for the acquisition and on-going management of capital assets.  Participants will learn about roles & responsibilities, specific business rules and processes, access to systems and available reporting tools.

  • You can enroll through Self-Serv under Learning and Development and My Training, search under Course Title:
    • "Capital Assets Management" for the instructor-lead class -- On hold due to Covid
    • "FSC Q15: Non-cash Assets" for online class (Course ID WSCQ15)
    • Feel free to contact LeAnn for individual overview as it is related to your area:  email: or phone:  319-335-0103