How can I track equipment that doesn’t meet the minimum capitalization threshold?

Tracking Equipment Below the Capitalization Threshold

The University of Iowa capitalizes and tracks equipment costing more than $5,000 and useful life greater than one year as capitalized assets. These assets are purchased on I/act 6730, 6731, or 6740. Assets that can bear the University’s metal bar-code tag are tagged. Other assets are tracked in the asset management system (PSAM) by serial and/or accession numbers.

The University also purchases equipment that does not meet the threshold for capitalization. This includes items that a department may wish to track on its own records, such as laptops, desktop computers, and cameras. Departments may already track some of these pieces of equipment. For departments that would like to track non-capitalized equipment, Capital Assets Management (CAM) provides the following services:


CAM can provide a campus department with a gold tag, which shows University ownership only.

Gold Tag that says "Property of the University of Iowa "

Please e-mail CAM requesting the number of tags and campus mailing address.

Template to Track Equipment

You may also use the FileExcel Template  to help track non-capitalized equipment.  This template is a generic tool and can be modified as needed.

CAM does not track non capitalized inventory or monitor template usage.