How do I...Form/Action?

Add asset: found in dept; title transfer in with arriving faculty; donated; acquired from government agency?

Addition Form (pdf)

Change asset custodian or location?

No form needed -- email CAM

Close out a department that has a balance in IACTs 1630 through 1685?

There are assets in the dept. They will need to be transferred, deducted (if not found), or sent to Surplus. Complete the appropriate form. At the end of the month, transactions will zero out balances in the GL.

Document off-campus use of UI property?

Off Campus Use Form (pdf)

Fabricated asset - Establish?

No form needed -- email CAM

Get approval for my Department to sell an asset?

Contact University Surplus

Get Replacement tag?

No form needed -- email CAM

Purchase an asset?

Complete a Preq (purchase requisition)

Remove asset approved for sale (by University Surplus) and sold by Department?

Surplus Removal Request Form

Remove asset from department inventory:  Equipment used for parts; Stolen; No longer needed?

Deduction Form (pdf)

Request a tag-head?

No form needed -- email CAM

Request Surplus pick up of assets and/or other equipment...

Surplus Removal Request Form

Trade-in asset for new equipment?

No form -- enter tag number and serial number (if available) on Preq when ordering new asset

Transfer asset ownership to another UI Department or Sub-department?

Internal Transfer Form (pdf)

Transfer assets accompanying departing faculty to another institution?

Title Transfer Form (pdf)