Title Transfer

 Workflow Title Transfer Form

Submit this form when requesting a transfer of capital equipment ownership from the University of Iowa to another institution associated with a departing faculty member or as part of a transfer of a grant.

If this is a transfer of federal-titled equipment, please attach a completed “Federal Titled Statement of Equip form (pdf)” form showing Grant Accounting Office approval of this transfer.

Do Not Use This Form To:

  • Transfer equipment to another department within the University of Iowa. Complete an “Internal Transfer Form” form.
  • Request Surplus Removal.


If you need to transfer more assets than this form allows, please attach a list providing the fields requested on this

  1. For each asset to be transferred, furnish the following information:
  • UI Tag Number.
  • Description: enter a brief description of the item to be transferred (e.g., a noun with descriptive adjective(s) and vendor name).
  • Effective Date: enter the date that the transfer will become effective.
  • Serial #.
  • Model #.
  1. Enter a reason for the transfer of ownership.
  2. Acknowledgement Contact at Receiving Institution: enter the institution and their contact representative for correspondence regarding the transfer of ownership between the two institutions. This should not be the faculty member departing the University of Iowa.
  3. This form requires two signatures of University of Iowa staff. The departing faculty member cannot act as an approver.

The Capital Assets Management office will send a request for receipt confirmation to the receiving institution and return a copy of the updated form to the Department Contact.

Questions?  Please contact the Capital Assets Management office