What information do I need to provide on the P-req?

When a Requestor chooses an Iact of 6730 or 6740, the P-req provides fields for additional information that is used to set-up the asset. The Requestor should complete all applicable fields:

UI Building and Room #

Where the asset will be housed.

Asset Description

The P-req has a new Description field to be used in the purchase of equipment and software. As before, requestors continue to have an area to communicate purchase of an item with the vendor. This area may include vendor catalog numbers that are not relevant for asset description.

red arrows point out description fields from the screen shot of the program

Because the vendor description may not be useful in describing the resulting asset, a second Description field was added within the asset information area to allow Requestors to communicate asset descriptions to the Capital Assets Management Office.

General guidelines for this new Description field are:

  • Enter “Noun” “Manufacturer or Model” “Description” where
    o “Noun” is the item being purchased
    o “Manufacturer” or “Model” – based on which is more relevant to identifying the asset.
    o “Description” provides additional specifics concerning what type of item is being purchased
  • If there are multiple line items associated with an asset or quantities of the same asset, enter the same description in the Asset Information area for all associated line items.
  • Freight does not need a description in the Asset Information Area.


Requestor is purchasing two types of pumps on a P-req:

  • Line 1: Ordering 615 Model 8015 PC unit with guardrails wireless software.
  • Line 2: Ordering 100 Syringe and software
  • Line 3: Ordering 615 Auto-ID module; software
  • Line 4: Ordering 615 Auto-ID module handheld scanner
  • Line 5: Implementation charge associated with Model 8015

Line items 1, 3, 4, and 5 are associated, so the asset description for all 4 lines should be the same. In this case, both types of assets are pumps, so additional information concerning model and/or type is necessary to differentiate the two types of assets.


  • Lines 1, 3, and 4 are described as “Pump Control Unit 8015”.
  • Line 2 is described as “Pump Syringe 8110”.

Custodian and Custodian’s Dept/Sub-dept

Who is responsible for the asset.


What assets, if any are being traded-in for this purchase.

Adjustments to Existing Tag #

Provide tag # of the existing asset if this purchase adds to an asset currently in the asset management system.