(Previously called "Stewardship")

Principal Investigator/Equipment

Custodian responsible for informing CAM of any changes in the equipment’s condition, location, and custodian by completing the Statement of Government-Owned Equipment Status as necessary.

Grant Accounting Office

Responsible for the submission of year-end property reports (i.e., DD 1662, NASA 1018 and grant reports) and reporting any changes in federal awards or MFK that impact Government-owned equipment to CAM.

Capital Assets Management Office

Responsible for recording any changes of Government-owned equipment in PSAM and working with Grant Accounting to resolve any differences between PSAM records and year-end property reports.


Responsible for reporting acquisitions of equipment within 30 days of receipt of the equipment to Grant Accounting and Capital Assets Management Office. FAR Section 52.245-1 requires that all government-owned equipment be appropriately tagged. As such, under no circumstances can tags be removed until appropriate government-approved disposition has taken place. These policy updates will be communicated to campus through email and training.