Workflow Off-Campus Use of Capitalized Equipment Form

  • Use of the Off-Campus Form must be completed for any capital asset that is not on a campus location. 

Do Not Use This Form to:

  • Document off-campus use of Government-owned property under the custody of The University of Iowa. Please submit a Statement of Government-owned Equipment Status form to Capital Assets Management Office in order to document this change.
  • Transfer equipment to another department within the University or to University Surplus.

Form Instructions

Please print legibly so all assets can be updated correctly. If you need to list more assets than the form provides, please attach a listing showing the information as requested on the form.

For each asset to be updated, furnish the following:

  • UI Tag Number
  • Description: enter a brief description of the item to be transferred (e.g., a noun with descriptive adjective(s) and vendor name).
  • Serial #: enter the information as recorded on the asset.
  • Projected return date.
  • In “Off-Campus Information” section, provide the complete address for the asset(s).
  • Two signatures are required: the first signature shall be the Department Contact requesting/initiating the form and the second signature shall be the Departmental Executive Officer or designee. Signature stamps will not qualify as either of the 2 required signatures.
  • The asset will remain designated as "off-campus" until we receive written confirmation of return.

When an capitalized asset returns to campus

Notify by email to Capital Assets Management and include the following information:

  • Tag Number
  • Date of return
  • Updated location (building and room number)
  • Custodian name

Send completed form for long-term relocation to:

Capital Assets Management
4 JH (Jessup Hall)

Questions? Please email Capital Assets Management