Policies and Procedures

Departments may need to transfer expenditures for assets. The Department can accomplish this through a “CV” during the first fiscal year of an asset’s life. CAM will then transfer ownership in the asset management to match the “CV”.

Departments may transfer responsibility/ownership of an asset until it has been retired. Departments should submit an Internal Transfer Form to CAM to transfer ownership in the asset management system. 

This form:

  • Requires the approval of the Departmental Executive Offices from both the Relinquishing and Receiving Departments (or their designees). If this is a transfer between Sub-departments within a Department, either the Departmental Executive Officer may sign approving the transfer or Sub-department Managers may each sign for their respective areas.
  • Should not be used to update asset records for changes in location or custodian. These changes do not require Departmental Executive Officer approval, so please email the Capital Assets Management Office to initiate change.
  • Does not “CV” the expenditure.

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