Asset Updates Form

This form is used to update building location, room number, serial number, and/or custodial name for an asset. **This does NOT transfer the asset to another department.** You must use an Internal Transfer Workflow form to move an asset to another department.

Addition Request Form

Submit this form when adding capitalized equipment.

Deductions Request Form

Submit this form to remove assets from the departmental inventory.  Only Workflow forms are accepted.

Internal Transfer of University Equipment

Submit this form when requesting a transfer of equipment ownership or responsibility from one department or sub-department to another within the University of Iowa.  Only Workflow forms are accepted.

If this equipment was originally purchased this fiscal year by a department and transferred to another department in the same fiscal year, this form is not necessary.  Please webCV the original MFK under the original purchase order (PO).

Off Campus Use of Property

Submit this form when equipment will be considered "off campus."  Only Workflow forms are accepted.

Surplus Removal Request Form

Submit this form to remove property and send to surplus.

Title Transfer of University Equipment

Submit this form to request a transfer of capital equipment purchased by an active research grant, on fund 500 or 510, and that research grant is being transferred to another institution, usually with a departing faculty member.

All equipment purchased on non-Fund 500 or 510 is property of the University of Iowa and must be sold through University of Iowa Surplus.  Contact the Surplus and Central Receiving Manager to facilitate the sale of equipment to the new institution.

Statement of Government-Owned Equipment Status (federal assets only)

Submit this form when:

Non-Capitalized Equipment

CAM does not track non-capitalized equipment or usage of this form.  This template is for departments use only.